SundayToz is looking for talents! We hope these values / qualifications could serve as guidelines for both our future members and current members.


A fast, agile organization has the power to execute and quickly adapt to rapidly evolving world. It is not important how much work you can get it done but how you get it done. The ability to properly execute with speed is one of the most crucial value a small company needs and we must keep this in mind even after we grow in size.

Team Work

Being a member of SundayToz means being a team player. The ability to work well as a team is the most important talent we are looking for. One can perform well but two can perform better thus being able to cooperate with others is indeed crucial. Always remember that behind success, there is always a good harmonized team.

Passion for Games

Passion for games is the driving force that nourishes both the company and its members. We must always keep in mind that in the center of all social games is people and their relationship with others. To add a taste of fun to these relationships is what we're striving for. How exciting it is to create games that make others happy! To create such games, we must have passion for games.

Open Mind

Being considerate to others, acknowledging the difference between me and others; this is how we begin to understand each other with an open mind. Without it, you can only see one side of the picture and therefore lack growth. From an open mind springs creative ideas and desire to communicate with others.


What is important as skills is their personality. Even a high level of competence has less importance over personality. What we mean by personality is not something big; being first one to say hello, being thankful for minor things, being considerate to others, and being modest. Such values may be minor issues but with greater importance.

Understanding Customers’ Needs

As a developer, it is not always easy to put ourselves in customers’ shoes. It may be easy to say but requires a big effort to do so. Without customers there is no product and service. Trying to understand their needs and by improving what we have is the only way we can repay their favor.

Responsibility and Professionalism

Is this the best we can do? Is there a better way? We must always remind ourselves whether we have delivered our best efforts. Trust from our customers, partners, and even our co-workers could only be achieved when we have fulfilled our responsibility. Being responsible with your work is the first step of being a professional.


Innovation is not re-creating something but actually discovering ways to improve what we already have. The success of Anipang was something we achieved because we did not hesitate to challenge. If we continued to stay inside our shells we couldn’t have fetched it. As a member of SundayToz, we must always challenge ourselves and move forward.

Communication skill

Working as team requires efficient communication skills but what is more important is the attitude to listen to others. By attentively listening to others we can build up trust within the company. It is okay if you are poor at speaking or expressing yourself. Who we are looking for is someone who can listen and is ready to learn.

Aiming higher

As professionals, we must continue to push ourselves to aim for a higher goal. To do so will require extra efforts and time but as team it is possible. To deliver the best services to our customers, members of SundayToz must always put their utmost effort into our products.