Introduction to SundayToz's new CI

Founded in January 2009, SundayToz has created casual mobile games that are “easy for anyone, fun for everyone”. Since launching our Anipang series of games, it has captured the hearts of South Korea and in July 2015, we are introducing a brand new CI.

The new CI represents our promise to the many players of our casual games in Korea and users from around the world. We will continue to share the fun and excitement while becoming a global mobile game company.

CI Information

Guidelines for using the SundayToz symbol mark and logotype.
Be consistent with overall image when enlarging or reducing the logo size. Ensure the proportion of both symbol and logotype match accordingly.

The meaning behind the SundayToz CI

Symbol mark
Ani's winking eye shows that she is communicating with her audience. Her ear is tilted sideways means Ani is moving fast and it simply represents SundayToz’s passion and  challenge.

The logotype looks natural and fun. It represents SundayToz’s company culture which is fun and free. Each letter is shaped differently but when they are together it is organized and balanced. Much like the members at SundayToz, each of us are different, but when we are together, we are balanced.



Single Color

When using a single color logo of either white or orange color, it’s recommended that the background colors used matches to allow full visibility of the logo.

Logo Typeface Only

If the area to display the logo is small, it is possible to use only the logo typeface without the symbol mark.

Usage Restrictions

Minimum image size
When using both symbol and logotype, the minimum size should be at least 111px or 29mm.
When using just the logotype, the minimum size should be at least 91px or 24mm.

Minimum spacing requirements
Ensure there is adequate spacing between the symbol and logotype so that other elements does not interfere with the logo.