About SundayToz

Founded in January 2009, SundayToz is a leading social mobile game developer in Korea. We have published various social games on both social networks and mobile platforms including Kakao Talk, LINE, Apple AppStore, Google Play, Facebook, Mixi, Cyworld, and Naver. We are the developer of hit games in Korea, Anipang for Kakao, Anipang 2 for Kakao, Anipang Mahjong for Kakao, Aqua Story for Kakao, as well as, LINE Trio.

SundayToz values the sense of connectivity and endeavors to create games that embrace people. With over 28 million users, SundayToz will continue to lead the Korean social gaming industry as the No.1 developer. Furthermore, we will put our utmost effort to share our values with the global community.

How SundayToz was found

Jung Woong Lee, the CEO of SundayToz graduated from the Myungji University with a degree in computer science. After working for TN Co., Syntek, and NHN, he decided to run his own start-up together with Hyunsoo Im and Chanseok Park in 2008.

Jungwoong, Hyunsoo, and Chanseok were friends from college. Even after graduation, they gathered regularly to discuss and share ideas. Hyunsoo participated in various game projects as an engineer of NC Soft while Chanseok was establishing a strong foothold in T3 Entertainment as a key developer.

Dreaming a common goal, the trio co-founded SundayToz in 2008. Because the team was all composed of developers, it was relatively easier to pull off a project and make quick transitions and improvements. Anipang, Ani Mahjong, and Aqua Story were indeed an outcome of their flexibility, making their first presence in the Korean market at Cyworld and Naver. Their passion, challenge, and experience later led to the success of Anipang for Kakao and still continue to aim for a higher goal.

The meaning of the name SundayToz

To discuss about their startup, the three co-founders regularly met at a meeting place called “Toz” every Sunday. They combined “Sunday”+“Toz”, which reflects the passion and time they’ve put into their company.

SundayToz’s History


Nov.      Launched "LINE TRIO"

Jul.        Launched "Aqua Story for Kakao"

Jul.        Participated in Seoul Character Licensing Fair 2014

Jun.        Anipang 2 for Kakao exceeds 10 million downloads 

Apr.       Launched Anipang Mahjong in Taiwan

Mar.       Formed strategic alliance with Smilegate

Jan.       Launched "Anipang 2 for Kakao"



Feb.      Launched "Anipang Sachunsung for Kakao"

Jan.      Commence of Anipang Character of business

Jan.      “Anipang for Kakao” accumulates 22M users



Dec.     Awarded President’s Award in Korea Content Awards (Next-Generation Content)

Nov.     Awarded Excellence Award in Korea Game Awards (Mobile Game)

            Awarded Most Popular Mobile Game in Korea Game Awards

Sept.    “Anipang for Kakao” reaches 15M installs, 8M DAU, 2M CCU

July      Launched “Anipang for Kakao”

            “Mobile Aqua Story” reaches 1M installs (3M installs including web ver.)

            Total games installs reaches 6M

Mar.     Launched “Mobile Aqua Story” (Published by Com2us)



Dec.      “Aqua Story” Awarded Most Popular Apps for 2 consecutive years

Nov.     Launched open beta of “Aqua Story” and “AniYutnori” on Facebook Korea

April     “Aqua Story” reaches 1.5M installs

            Total games installs reaches 4M

Jan.      Launched open beta of “Jungle Story” on Cyworld AppStore



Nov.     “Aqua Story” reaches 1M installs

Sept.     Launched “AniYutnori” on Cyworld AppStore

Aug.     Launched 4 titles including “Anipang” on Mixi Japan

April     Launched “Aqua Story” on Cyworld AppStore



Dec.      Launched “AniMahjong” on Cyworld AppStore

Sept.     Launched “Anipang” on Cyworld AppStore

Jan.      SundayToz founded in Seongnam, Korea